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Salam!! this website is amazing..! as someone who's been really interested in Islam and learning about my own beliefs I've been looking for a good Sufi resource.
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scheherazades-niche 1 year ago

I'm happy you appreciate it :-) It has a limited scope but I hope is helpful nonetheless.

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Home was updated.
1 year ago
Hey guys. Havent posted in a bit!! I updated my website! Now theres an art book section. A collection of great full pdfs for you guys to use! ^^ My Fountain pen list page has been updated, along with my minecraft page. The Interesting links section also has two new links. Check it out! ^_^
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glad theres some islamic stuff here!! makes me feel less alone!!
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birdsandstars 1 year ago

Asallamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatulLahi! ^^ Happy to hear that! I guess we are uncommon here, but happy it reached someone it could be important and meaningful to!

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