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Do you use any programs to code your site or do you just like type it in Neocities directly? I've been using Notepad mostly but I remember using... I think it's called Dreamweaver... just to preview the code before it goes live. Is that still a thing or is there something better now?
vastrecs 1 year ago

personally i just type it directly in the neocities editor but i heard notepad++ and codepen are good editors

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heart143 1 year ago

I use Sublime Text. I think editing in the Neocities editor is so slow x_x Using a separate text editor program is more convenient imo, especially since you can view what your work will look like in the browser without having to make it public all the time you update to view your progress

irony-machine 1 year ago

I use VSCode, saves a lot of typing (sublime text too)

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thank you for the follow!! your site looks so pretty!!
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super cute site!! ur coding is super good :O
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rosedryad 1 year ago

thank you!! :D

I just realized I had an extra hosting plan so I decided to make a pixel art forum ;o; I've never made a bbs before so I don't really know how it all works. I made some forums and subforums, not quite sure if all the permissions work yet. If you've had experience with running a forum, using phpbb, or being a forum mod & want to help, let me know!! You can be an admin or a mod.
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rosedryad 1 year ago

I just installed a theme from so it should make it easier to customize in the admin dashboard. I think it'd be nice to have members be able to make their own themes!

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foxfable 1 year ago

finally an answer to my prayers...!! <3 I'll literally do anything to help - I'd love to be an admin or a mod or something, I used to have a roleplay forum couple of years ago and generally I have used a lot of forums, so I do have some experience :'3

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