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1 day ago
Hey, just so you know, something's up with your home page, everything left of the navbar shows up for a split second on load, but then disappears. It isn't any of my browser extensions, but it might be my screen (1536x1024)?
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sneerful 2 days ago

thank u for letting me know! i think a div was causing the split, fixed the css let me know if that works! tested on my phone and i think it should be fixed =w=

dymaxion 1 day ago

Yep, it works fine now!

I love your visual style!! (and I swear it isn't just because red on black...)
lupinus 3 days ago

thank you!!!!!!!! LOL red and black is a classic for a good reason ;D

Dymaxion zone was updated.
4 days ago
I love the vibes of your site! I really like your artstyle and 'sona too!
datoxicwaltz 4 days ago

i love worm lungs

My site is now fully mobile-friendly (it even has an intermediate mode for tablet-sized screens)
The site nav bar may not look different, but it is now being holographically projected from javascript (an "else if" stack tells it what page you're on). Absolutely magical
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Dymaxion zone was updated.
6 days ago
Hey, thanks for the follow! I really like your style!
turbuggy 1 week ago

Thanks!! Your worldbuilding & fursona sound super cool!!

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Spent way too long figuring out flexboxes before learning that css grids can do what I want way more effectively. Oh well, I'm learning!

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