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8 months ago
<3! leaving a heart for you here
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garf 8 months ago


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quick updatelog as i am still working!; i am planning to make big changes of things soon, but i wanted to note that ive gotten tired of just mentioning dove in my journal as "my girlfriend"... and leaving at that.. it felt strangely impersonal and ive been meaning to do something about it for a while. that being said, my journal now displays a link to doves own neocities and her name, instead of just "my girlfriend"
kanto 8 months ago

PLEASE LOOK AT IT. (and ignore the somewhat depressing entry also.. show that youre proud of loving the people you love... always... goodnight. (i am not even going to sleep)

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kanto 8 months ago

to be fully honest i am a little dry on other social media, but something about neocities makes me want to be positive. its funny to me really

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