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Any chance to have an alternative to "neohitz-views" that doesn't show the comma separator?
yudosai 4 months ago

wym? Groovycities doesnt show the comma seperator

yudosai 4 months ago

this is a hit counter I made, is this what you're looking for?

burstintotreats 4 months ago

Oops must've confused Neohitz with Groovycities. I'm playing around with both seeing how I can customize the looks. Danielsnet's counter went down I think.

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yudosai 4 months ago

Oh ok, would you like me to add some styles to my hit counter? I can probably have it done by monday.

burstintotreats 4 months ago

That's totally up to you, I just think it's great the community has options in case one of them disappears. Neohitz does seem very versatile as it's just text based so you can customize it with your own CSS. Danielsnet is not working anymore, dotcomboom removed their site, seems like the show's all yours.

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yudosai 4 months ago

dotcomboom removed?!?! omg !! I didn't even notice :0!!! I'll see what I can do about groovycities

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