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just realized my website is on the front page 0_0!!!???
vilespace 8 months ago

yeah its been there for a while

angel99 8 months ago

?!?!?! i havent checked the front page in about a year;; dis is news to me!!

would anybody here be interested in participating in a cipher zine (the 80s manga by minako narita)
angel99 9 months ago

if youve seen the lets hear it for the boy video u know what im talking about

chaixtea 9 months ago

Cute! I'm a virgo too :)

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angel99 9 months ago

virgo nation rise

your page makes me happy I just realized this is weird to say with no context LOL, the pink colour is just very nice
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angel99 9 months ago

thank u ^_^

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i got a large display tablet in the mail yesterday and i was able to look at my website to see what would happen to it on larger screens. some pages are ok but others just fall apart LOL please only look at my site at 1500 x 800 thank you

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