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Been thinking about expanding the kinds of art I put in the art gallery. I very rarely create something fully "polished" so I'd like to put sketches and stuff up there too
pencilvoid 7 months ago

Obviously not gonna put up anything pornographic or overly suggestive. Violent/gory stuff *maybe* but I'll put it with a content warning if I do upload stuff like that

wg2k 7 months ago


pencilvoid 7 months ago

No new content or anything just some fixes

it would be cool if HTML natively allowed documents to provide translations. with how much bloat the web has you'd think something like that would have been at least considered by now
i don't remember why i chose purple for my site's index page. it kinda just happened
oneiric-somnolence 7 months ago

because purple fucks

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thanks for following!
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Dead Internet theory is interesting
whoishohokam 7 months ago

working in IT and seeing all the Spam emails and automated scripted attacks the firewall rejects... I kind of beleive it.

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pencilvoid 7 months ago

Pushed some backend layout changes to see if it would fix the site preview

what happened to my site preview.........................................
wg2k 7 months ago


pencilvoid 7 months ago

added some stuff to the UFSC based on some recommendations from the kind folks at the 32-bit Cafe's Discord server

I have a theory that a lot of nostalgiacore stuff latches onto 2012 because the universe is a simulation and that was the last year before they started to interfere with it

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