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I want to add some sort of OS theme to the website at some point as well. I had a base I was working off of but I might redo it from scratch so that I'm not redoing the rest of my website with it. so I can easily integrate the new OS layout into the page while keeping the current page setup alive in some form.
I am working on improving my website some. Might sit down and edit a few pages to use the blog page's two column layout
ashifolfi 5 months ago

Added a favicon

I have a functional RSS feed for my blog now!!!
time to add the sidebar for blog posts
ashifolfi 6 months ago

spent a lot of time tonight working on the blog post system! It's still rough around the edges but it works! I need to fix the latest button and finish the sidebar coding still.

hi! I noticed you have a button mutuals section and since we both follow each other I thought I'd mention that I have a website button on my site now if you want to add it!
I have a button now! it can be found on my front page.
dann 6 months ago

Excellent. I will do a mass update today of all those who have recently followed.

Actually bothering to maintain this website while working on the newer one because I forgot I just left this here.
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