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your display controls are so cool!! is it ok to ask how you made it?
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pencilvoid 8 months ago

thank you! it's a combination of Javascript and static site generator tricks. you can check out the source code here:

can't believe Neocities has killed Owl. this is so sad can we get 5 likes
owlroost 8 months ago

Hey, I'm only half-dead. :P

pencilvoid 8 months ago

New button weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

thanks for following!
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pencilvoid 9 months ago

updated the HTML Comment Box styling to better fit the rest of the page. still got a little bit more to do

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just checking something, can someone go to and tell me what it looks like?
pencilvoid 9 months ago

Fixed the option to hide the checkerboard background not working. JS makes it really easy to make typos

My favourite part of Ultrakill was when V1 said "it's Ultrakillin time" and Ultrakilled all over the place
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wg2k 9 months ago

with a scene like that, i'll be sure to spend my life savings on it!

i'm very proud of the name SievePlate. i don't usually come up with names that passable. i have no idea how i pulled that one off
pencilvoid 9 months ago

i don't think i made it clear but my website actually isn't supposed to be called pencilvoid is just my name. i've been trying to think of a name for my website for approximately 3 years

just a reminder: you shouldn't be using more than one ad blocker at a time. i recommend uBlock Origin; do NOT use AdNauseum. Firefox is alright for privacy but not the best. If you're willing to give up some convenience try Tor browser
owlroost 9 months ago

And if you want to use Firefox, consider making use of the Arkenfox project to harden it a bit.

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pinkvampyr 8 months ago

I use librewolf which is like a pre-hardened Firefox. Tor is cool but not really for everyday use imo especially if you're still logging into things, which compromises your anonymous session.

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