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lmao i should probably actually explain what i did to my css. before i reworked it each colour scheme was its own file, nearly identical with the colour values and images swapped out. i didn't like working with it so i decided to make all pages use one css sheet that takes colour values from the page it's being loaded onto. to accomplish this i also had to replace the background entirely (1/?)
pencilvoid 4 months ago

at first, the background was simply two images being loaded up and drawn onto the screen. simple enough to set up, but it meant that for every colour scheme i had to make new png files, and at large resolution pixelation could possibly be noticed as the triangle is stretched to fit the screen. now the shapes are drawn using css gradients that i didn't steal off random tutorials at all (2/?)

pencilvoid 4 months ago

this means that i don't have to swap out png files and pages load slightly faster. neat. you shouldn't have noticed any change, unless you looked real close at the edge of the triangle. i haven't tested out how it looks on browsers that can't render gradients, but judging from how the css broke while editing it, it should just show a solid colour. boring, but that's the best i can do. (3/3)

i FIXED my css and now it's AWESOME
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