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4 days ago
vashti 4 days ago

Wow that necklace you made is so beautiful :0

cygnet 4 days ago

thank you vashti !!! im so happy with it too

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vashti 4 days ago

Like this may sound like a weird compliment, but it's the sort of necklace I'd find while thrift shopping & ask myself how anyone could ever get rid of it & then I'd buy it & cherish it & it'd become a staple of my wardrobe ^_^

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vashti 4 days ago

Do you ever make kandi? I think you'd excel at it honestly

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cygnet 3 days ago

youre too sweet omg !!!! i love those thrifting moments btw i absolutely get u . i havent made kandi in a long time i found it a bit too bulky but tbh my style has morphed a lot lately so i think it would suit me more now! hopefully i get around to doing that again

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