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hi, I love your site's style! I'm looking foward to read your poetry and see your art <3
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cutecephalopod 10 months ago

hi!! thank u! i probably won't have it finished for a while cause i'm busy and i always feel like my art isn't good enough to show. can I see ur blog and ur poetry??

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cutecephalopod 10 months ago

also about the blog i know on the website it might not be finished but i meant if u have a tumblr blog i'd love to see it

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stellarossa 10 months ago

hi, actually I don't have a blog yet, but I'd like to post something on my site, when I can! I'd love to show you my poems, but they're all in my native language, Italian. perhaps I could try to write something in English too! If I did, I'll update my website. thanks for your reply!!

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aw, I'm so glad you've discovered this amazing place! and from my little website too -- i'm honored! i hope you have a great time creating your own website. looking forward to see what you do with it :')
stellarossa 1 year ago

aww, tysm for your sweet reply and your follow! I'm definitely going to have a great time and I'm glad you're supporting me! have an amazing day!<3

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