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I have been doing a lot of trial and error coding away from this site for the sake of figuring out a nice layout and stuff, but it is SO DIFFICULT to just... make one up that looks reasonably nice. I think I'm gonna have to scrap the idea I have been trying to work out because I realize its just not... "it". How does anyone come up with cute layout ideas TT^TT
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i love the purple theme u have :3 looking forward to seeing what u do. im still an amateur also but if you need any help with anything feel free to ask :D
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galacticstardust 4 months ago

Sorry I couldn't reply sooner! I had to wait out the grace period for commenting. The purple is just sadgrl's layout, I'm using it temporarily until I figure out how CSS works to make things layout better lol. Thank you though! I have some very cute ideas! (Also I literally adore your site so much, its so cute!!!!)

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