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does anyone want to trade 88x31 buttons? i really want to display more on my site and have em link to actual pages
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oudkee 3 months ago

i really wanna join some webrings too. i wanna join the self insert webring but i legitimately can't pick between grimsley, odo, or ingo

badgersaurus 3 months ago

I would be interested!

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my tutorials page is here everbody... i only have 3 html tuts up but i hope it helps someone out
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would anyone be interested if i put up some coding templates for people to use? for widgets such as my music autoplay, scrolling buttons, etc. i'm sure it's easy to copy/paste from digging through the source code but i think it would be fun to have a page that could help other people. does anyone have requests for stuff i could drop on a tutorial page? (i won't do my site layout as a whole, just lil parts)
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oudkee 3 months ago

idk if i'll actually do this but it might potentially be fun... i can give the code for the random characters on the side of each page too. and maybe new innovative things if i get around to adding more to m'site

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