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soupault 1 month ago

The Pillow Book is one of the most beautiful and poetic things I've ever read. It definitely needs more translations.

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nenko 1 month ago

I have never actually read the book before. I've only seen small samples of it here and there. It seems very interesting, so I'll definitely buy it when it's released.

joppiesaus 1 month ago

how you're a fast reader! it takes a long time to finish a book for me...

rbuchanan 1 month ago

Shonagon's Pillow Book is eximious -- ardently intimate, occasionally poignant, surprisingly amusing and replete with intricate recounted details concerning court intrigues, ceremonies, procedure and proprieties, all interlarded with no few opinions and decidedly subjective observations. It's highly commendable, esp. paired with Lady Murasaki's diary.

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