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I had a dream that I went to work without any shoes on. In the dream I felt so unprepared and vulnerable. I awoke with a start, threw back the covers and found the source of this nightmare... I had gone to bed without my sleeping boots.
september 2 years ago

NEVER do that again. You're really dancing with disaster like that.

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andnow 2 years ago

They're steel-toed!

I'm not ashamed of my hopeless Cookie Clicker addiction.
jackomix 2 years ago

I have Cookie Clicker running on my mom's computer, let's just say we've ascended (with like 2k HC) and are at like 18 trillion cookies per second... lol

andnow 2 years ago

Just think how many cookies you can get with all of those cookies.

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neighponies was my favorite website. where did it go?

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