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I'm not ashamed of my hopeless Cookie Clicker addiction.
jackomix 1 year ago

I have Cookie Clicker running on my mom's computer, let's just say we've ascended (with like 2k HC) and are at like 18 trillion cookies per second... lol

andnow 1 year ago

Just think how many cookies you can get with all of those cookies.

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neighponies was my favorite website. where did it go?
Oh fisticuffs, I see. I'll have you know that I would consider these arms not "skinny" as you have put it, but SVELTE. Put your dukes up and we shall see what the outcome of this encounter will be. Also Look behind you... Ah HA. Twas a trick. Yes I AM still standing here. ready to fight. Wait I forgot. Look behind you again. HA now that you have turned back around I am now hidden under this desk. Impossible to find.

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