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awesome index! also, your graphics gallery looks super nice.
finally! buttons that arent just ads! i needed some :^)
Nice website! You seem to have good tastes when it comes to anime, honestly a lot of stuff that is popular nowadays is overrated. Additionally, we seem to have similar dislikes (however a greater pet peeve of mine are rabid fans of popular franchises). Keep up the good work!
0ekekddddd 2 years ago

nice to meet with like-minds. i feel sometimes that when people say they “like anime,” they like anime TROPES even though anime is just a style of art… and it just so happens that i dont really like anime tropes that much. anyway, thank you so much for the praise :)

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pagespages 2 years ago

Agreed on the tropes. It is not so bad with older shows which may have established these tropes, because at least they were creative at that time. The worst offender, in my opinion, is the shounen protagonist. But this trope was established by Osamu Tezuka, who created likable and relatable characters who, even if they were robots or animals, had problems which were quite human too.

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Nostalgia Critic at his absolute best.
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the fact that you have a people-watching section gives me great hope for the future of the site. (PS, when thrifting DVDS, play a fun game of "how many copies of Borat does this store have?"- my high score is fourteen.)

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