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My commissions are open.
A new song was posted. It's a Sam & Max fansong. Please play it on a music tracker!
kultra 2 months ago

mega comfy, love your layouts, still.

Did you know I'm building Lain's Handinavi? Well it's not finished, but I made an early post about it anyway. I figured more anime fans would be interested in it than tech fans so I opted to tag it as a TV post.
Updates happened. Cbox went live, FAQ was updated to have chat rules.
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If I add a chatbox onto the front page, would you guys promise to behave?
Thank you for 100 follows!
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eraser 10 months ago

Congratulations :-)

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Why do people have blue check marks? Is this an inside joke I missed out on?
0ekekddddd 10 months ago

IT’S REAL?!?!?

My Newgrounds profile is linked on the splash page because I can't be bothered to post every artwork I have through the gallery page for a number of reasons
0ekekddddd 10 months ago

Which by the way, I posted something recently. Sorry it's not an actual Neocities update, lol

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slimysomething 10 months ago

That gallery was cool while it was up. What about a page for just featured pics? Or thumbnails/hotlinking, just spitballing.

0ekekddddd 10 months ago

@slimysomething Maybe. I really liked the gallery page as well but it was keeping me from updating frequently. anytime i was going to update it i always tell myself “if i’m going to add artwork to it, it should be in clusters,” and i end up not posting anything!

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