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i feel a lot of the time on social media i am the person to reach out first, once i get it in my head that a person is cool, i need to be their friend. I've never noticed someone reaching out to me first. I always go after people i want in my life, I really like having friends. I didn't have many growing up, but towards high school started to rack up a few, and in high school had a decent sized group of friends.
luficerslounge 1 year ago

i miss having more people. i only have one friend left and a couple online friends that seem to be distancing themselves, i feel because i am annoying. i think i push people away, i scare people away and when i can't take human interaction and have to be alone for a long time, nobody respects that. im worn out from trying so hard, i just want poeple in my life who share some of my obscure interests.

luficerslounge 1 year ago

there's been very few times in my life that i felt interesting, or "cool" to someone, and that was some time ago.

menmy 1 year ago

i can relate lol recently someone just got very mad at me just bc i was giving myself a time from people. like it happens, i need to do that to NOT be insane and act all crazy and shit sigh i'm very random like i don't even say hi i just talk abt some random stuff and if u want to be in contact lemme know since ur music taste is great and i bet u're a cool person!

I am really taking the time to take all glitches, mistakes and such out of my site and finally add what i want to, and get it running better with more to do and look at. i am finally just getting back on my feet with my health difficulties, so staring at a computer screen for hours on end is what my near future will look like. (it was giving my wicked migraines to look at devices while i was sick)
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rxqueen 1 year ago

glad you're doing better! <3

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hey man, i love mario kart 64 (obviously a classic), i love diddy kong racing, super mario 64, pokemon stadium i think it was, golden eye, idk i love a lot of n64 games. which ones do you like? also if you wanna talk or be pals, we can exchange a social media or somethin.
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suckmagl0ckhs 1 year ago

hey there! i like those games a lot. ocarina of time is fucking awesome! my email is we can exchange info there!


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