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hymnforascarecrow 1 month ago

grraaaaahh forgot how tedious this could be sometimes...!!! ah well!

I'm listening to Siberian Breaks right now and the text on your button is sort of bouncing up and down to the beat of the song. I love it. Also the scanline filter you have on the site looks super cool
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hymnforascarecrow 2 months ago

GAH thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hymnforascarecrow 2 months ago

lord have mercy i cannot stop adding useless things

hymnforascarecrow 2 months ago

maybe i should start documenting updates, even though they're small .. should probably also add an update log on the site too. anyways, just added some stamps and buttons, STILL {procrastinating} working on the interests page. gah.......

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