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@w@ doing a big overhaul on the site... and actually beginning to have stuff to put on it! i'm hoping it gets finished by the end of the month but im very busy so we'll see... new domain name is a big motivator for working on thigns now hehe...
here's the secret project! im going to mainly be working on this for the foreseeable future but i do have some ideas planned for my main site here still :^) once i get the site at least 80% finished i wanna come back here and start working on art pages and stuff again
he he i am working on... a big project .... a new website.... stay tuned for updates (this site will still be updated at some point but i think i need 2 revamp it sometime. we'll see but its on hiatus for now!)
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err... technical difficulties! ill have the site properly updated soon!
helianthuspetal 1 year ago

okay its fixed now!!! since i'm technically a neocities supporter now i think that means i should be updating my page more frequently so.... i will do that! back to work on the art page, hopefully the new links page keeps you busy!

new update 4 da site :)) im working on the art page now so i'll hopefully have that up soon!!

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