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here's the secret project! im going to mainly be working on this for the foreseeable future but i do have some ideas planned for my main site here still :^) once i get the site at least 80% finished i wanna come back here and start working on art pages and stuff again
he he i am working on... a big project .... a new website.... stay tuned for updates (this site will still be updated at some point but i think i need 2 revamp it sometime. we'll see but its on hiatus for now!)
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err... technical difficulties! ill have the site properly updated soon!
helianthuspetal 2 years ago

okay its fixed now!!! since i'm technically a neocities supporter now i think that means i should be updating my page more frequently so.... i will do that! back to work on the art page, hopefully the new links page keeps you busy!

new update 4 da site :)) im working on the art page now so i'll hopefully have that up soon!!
Will you ever post your art on here?? I'd love to see it :-)
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helianthuspetal 3 years ago

:')) thank you! i haven't had the focus to code much lately, but adding an art page(pages?) is definitely on the to-do list!

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helianthuspetal 3 years ago

i donut work on my page very much anymore bc im a tired little man but i like seeing ur guys pages still! rock on!

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helianthuspetal 3 years ago

my main thing now is just posting 2 my blog whenever i am reminded... so pls check that out if you so desire!

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