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vox web was updated.
7 months ago
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ninacti0n 7 months ago

I’m curious to see how your site button will look like :V I would like to link you on my site lol

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voxellor 7 months ago

@ninacti0n i haven't designed one yet! I figured I'll wait I'll I've added more content to the site, that would be super cool though! Also I am still not sure what my button would even look like haha

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hello im back! ive been rlly busy at college so i havnt had a chance to do this, but its the easter holidays now so ive been working at my webside again
the thing doesnt update properly its driving me a little crazy
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ninacti0n 10 months ago

Sometimes Neocities has an annoying delay with the CSS, you gotta view the sheet on another tab and refresh it. That's usually what fixes it for me when it doesn't update :v

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vox web was updated.
10 months ago
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decided its going to be wayy easier to start coding this on a seperate program (im using brackets) since im finding the neocities coder a bit finikey to use :v
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ninacti0n 11 months ago

Yep, I used to feel the same about it :P I've been using VS Code for a while, and it's been sweet to work with! Though for quick changes, I use Neocities' editor, since it's faster in some points lol. All I do is open the window I'm editing with the "view" button on a separate tab, and update the code as I go.

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voxellor 11 months ago

@ninacti0n yeah xD the editor on neocities is ok, but clunky :V but same as you i'll probably use it for quick updates once im at that level

vox web was updated.
11 months ago
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