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i love this site! huge respect to the hog. i especially love the red river hog page!!
hog 1 week ago

thank you!!! likewise, i respect your dedication to gnome. very cool website

hi guys, sorry for the total radio silence. over the summer break i ended up doing a bunch of other stuff, but now college has started back up i think i'll start working on the site more again! lord knows ive got a great gnome to share.
gnomes 1 week ago

id actually like to start a new branch on my blog about english mythological creatures, ever since i learned one of my ancestors was a knight who claimed to have slain the lambton worm. really funny to think about

mametzwood 1 week ago

re: your British folklore stuff, i live in the vicinity of where black shuck comes from so i'd love to see all the folklore stuff!

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gnomes 1 week ago

@mametzwood oh wow, that's really cool! i just did the first page on the most famous folklore of my home county, and i'd was a bit lost on where to go next. that's a great second step, so thank you!

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