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Love your website :) I've been working in vegetable entomology for the past few years, and the links you're sharing on your gardening page are so valuable!
dreambubble 2 months ago

Thank you so so much!!!!!! :D <3

Love your website so much.. Hang in there until Christmas :)
strangesite 2 months ago

Thank you, I'll try! Your site's very interesting to look through. My favourite of your stamps has to be the USA Dung beetle one.

Thanks for the follow bugstamp! I love your page <3 I'll post a new bug blog soon
Love your art and website!
mandiblehome 2 months ago

awe thank you so much! i love yours as well! :)

Thank you for the kind words you left on my page :) Glad to see there are still stamp collectors out there. I love all nature stamps, but I settled on focusing my collection on insects. My boss just gave me a whole box of old nature themed stamps, and I am excited to go through them all! You have a wonderful website, wish you the best!
arlisplace 3 months ago

waa thank you so much ! thats awesome !!

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Intending to make some updates soon!
arlisplace 4 months ago

I just wanted to say I absolutely love your site! It's such a niche thing, I am a bug lover and a stamp collecter too, I don't just collect bug stamps but I do look out for them !

Old as hell taxon. downright primitive.
New section added: Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)!
anolesquailsandmaybecattails 1 year ago

I love the way you organize your stamps by species! Your site reminds me of a natural history collection, as well as a stamp collection. Makes me want to start an animal-related stamp collection of my very own, maybe birds!.

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Great site! I always enjoy seeing other people's collections.
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