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"Oh gee thanks Tibetan Plateau. Yeah I'll just go without precipitation from the Inidan Ocean. It's fine." -Gobi Desert
i'm king of this here ranch, compadre. ya'll can tell by how regal i am, pardner.
melonking 3 years ago

Excuse me?

andnow 3 years ago

ya'll are conscripted into the king's royal posse. yeehaw!

melonking 3 years ago

No no, I don't think you understand, your posse is conscripted into the kings royal melon patch, please report to your new commander. Here's what they look like

andnow 3 years ago

fine dinin' ain't nothin' new to the descendent of the royal lineage's bloodline. here's what kings are all about: ropin', ridin', buckin' broncos, and fine dining at courtly parties. yeehaw!

melonking 3 years ago

I'm afraid you have it all wrong, it involves sitting at lots of boring high counsel meetings and taking requests from the citizens. Its not a job you'd want at all!

I'm just sitting here, licking the powdered sugar off of the donuts that I wear on each finger like the rings of a king.
Fresca is the bestca.

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