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I just found this site and I really enjoy it! I hope you still update it and you are happy! You seem like a very nice person!
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suika-hime 1 day ago

I actually just came back to check on this after a hiatus and your comment made me cry. I have been struggling with depression and decided to pick myself up a little by revisiting things that make me happy. I will be working on it slowly again.

thanks for following!
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redretrotriangle 1 month ago

No problem! I think your site is really cool I love the Tamagotchi section!

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I'm curious what this site will be!
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era-of-antares 1 month ago

You and me both.... LOL, kidding. I have an update in the works. ^^ Although it's not going to be anything special.

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redretrotriangle 1 month ago

ooo! What will the update be?

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redretrotriangle 4 weeks ago

Oh and can I also get a sneak peak?

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What if we made a philosophy based comic?
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annahilation 3 months ago

maybe. i dont know if i can can draw a comic very well.. do you have an idea of what it would be about?

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redretrotriangle 3 months ago

Dont worry! Maybe you can write it and I can draw it! or we can develop our own art style. And I have some idea's, like maybe a person wants to rob a bank but it turns into some philosophical fun house. Also want to continue this discussion on discord or other messenger app? My discord is redretrotriangle.

I will be gone for about 5-6 days visiting a relative, so that's why I wont be uploading more on the philosophy section during that amount of time. I will have a lot of thinking time over that period of time so more ideas and stuff to post here in my philosophy section when I return!

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