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rbuchanan 10 months ago

That's a disk that contained DOS programs enabling interoperability between PCs and Smith Corona's PWP 145 and PWP 58D word processors. One of the utilities it contained converted files from SC's proprietary documental format to ASCII text. There was no "right" or "wrong" way to label floppies. Manufacturers printed their labels in varied directions.

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rbuchanan 11 months ago

Which OS are you using? Win95 formatted floppies with FAT16; Windows probably still supports this. If you're using a POSIX OS, mtools can access them. Unfortunately, inaccessibility may be imputable to hardware failure. Half of my old floppies are unreadable.

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takocos 11 months ago

Windows 10 and a bunch of virtual machines running on virtualbox, mostly a windows 95 build to get around the way old disks used to be formatted that won't read on 98. Which there are a suprizing amount of for some of them to be as recent as they are. I'm not shocked by the corruption, they were literally laying out lose in a cardboard box in my mom's basement. It's cool to get anything.

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