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wow stunning page!! adding your sticker to my sticker sheet!! and your button~ 😊
wasongo 8 months ago

thanks so much!! your marine site theme is beautiful! i’ll link back to you as well!

Hey! Quick reply to your msg about the neocreatives js widget. I put it up on my site just now but it still doesn't display properly. Noticed the widget on the neocreatives page is linking to "" though, so I think the url might have just been input wrong. Sorry for the trouble!
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freakphone 8 months ago

ahh yep, I just input it wrong haha. got it fixed now!!

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anyone know if the neocreatives widget is still not working properly for new people on the webring?
freakphone 8 months ago

hello! I update the webring and it looks like I just missed your URL while updating the js file! sorry about that, it should be fixed now.

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wasongo 8 months ago

Oh thank you for notifying me about this!

wasongo 8 months ago

i'm compressing some PNGs around the site to hopefully make loading times a little faster!

wolf-and-ghostling 9 months ago

Your website looks lovely and the voice you've written the About in is so engaging and fun. So happy to discover your gorgeous art!

wasongo 9 months ago

thanks so much!! your site is SO CHARMING and your ceramics even more so! I'll be keeping an eye on your shop!

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