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wasongo 11 months ago

New commission page is up! Updated my prices and am offering 2 new types of commission.

Commission page update hopefully coming soon. Gonna offer some more options.
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had a wonderful time perusing around your hog-filled site. 🐗
I just realized that in your site and can’t help but be surprised by it- you did a fade-in effect when we enter the site, and it just feels so cool! How did you do it? ^^
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wasongo 1 year ago

It's a simple onload event! So the JS is taking the opacity from 0 to 1 once all the content of the body has loaded.

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ninacti0n 1 year ago

Ooh I see! Simple and yet really neat too :] I might consider using it for the transition between certain parts in my site, since I think it would be fitting

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