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I tried to leave a comment on your guestbook but the submit button wasn't working. In any case, I've had your site bookmarked for a while and I love your layout and artwork! I'll be adding your button to my site!
melankorin 9 months ago

!! thank you so much, you're too kind! i've had your website saved too, and i can say the same aha

melankorin 9 months ago

i'll be adding your button too in the next update then! and please, could you tell me what went on with the guestbook? i'd like to fix it

wasongo 9 months ago

oh i’m flattered! as for the guestbook the submit button is just appearing gray to me as if it’s non functional. It does nothing when I tried to click it to submit a message! Don’t know if it’s just me, though i tried it on 2 different browsers.

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saint-images 9 months ago

Same for me, had to remove the "disabled" attribute from the button using devtools. Didn't stop me from expressing my love to the site!

melankorin 8 months ago

yo! took me a while but i think ive fixed it

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