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hi good news!! i think i'm qualified for the second part of my entrance exams by a hair (1 or 2 points above the cutoff score though i can't say for sure until december). bad news!! my major is super fucking competitive and i'm applying to a pretty prestigious public university. i did badly on my first exam so i'm gonna have to make up for it by pulling a miracle out of my ass or smth. no updates until late december!
utsuge 4 months ago

iwanna... code... gnaws on the bars of my cage

utsuge 4 months ago

i didnt actually do as bad as i thought i did at first glance on my first exam but even so....

hihi after months of agonizing i feel like this is presentable enough! just finished wrapping this up on 6 hours of sleep and 2 hours before having to do a 5 hour long exam with 90 questions and an essay. yippee

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