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Aahh very cute site and very cute art<333 ;w;
2 likes Here is a little tiger for yall :3
antikrist 7 months ago

i love it so much!! 😭😍

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foxfable 7 months ago

aaaaa thank uuuu TwT <3<33

saint-images 7 months ago

^^ very cute!

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foxfable 7 months ago

Thank you!!! n_n

Your site is adorable, too! I love the colors. And your squish pixels! I only have 3 5" guys (Leticia, Louisa and the tag says Paulita but it looks like Laura idk) How are you enjoying the tamagotchi smart? I have the ONs. I had a tamagotchi website on here a few years ago with backgrounds.
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foxfable 7 months ago

Thank you so much!! n_n Ahh I should draw those squishmallows ~ And cool you had a tama website!! I enjoyed the Tama smart for a good while (forgot to update on my journal) but now I'm having a little break from it. I LOVE that I can charge it with an USB!! I wish I could try ON one day :'3

omg your site is so amazing and cute!! i love especially your hamster stuff!!;w;
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