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thank you so much for joining, you've been added to the sweetdreams webring!!! you've been added to the dreamers list, all you have to do now is copy and paste the code from here:
foxfable 2 months ago

Thanks!!! n_n I added the code on my main page! but hmmm I'm using iframe thing on my site and when I click a link on the widget it doesn't open it in a new tab.. Not sure if I can fix this from my end or is it in the webring script Dx my other webring works fine ;_;

koinuko 2 months ago

(sorry for jumping in, ignore me if this doesnt work lol!) maybe try adding target="_blank" somewhere if possible? i've had to do that before in an iframe to fix how links opened. maybe add like one line of css for '#sweetdreams a' to change the target of the links for the webring?

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foxfable 2 months ago

Thank you Koinuko!! ^^ I was able to fix it on my end! I just put this in my code head (without *): <*head> <*base target="_blank"> <*/head>

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