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going to be the rare person here to say this "callout" shit is dumb. youre all dumb
cubertown 4 months ago

if you seriously, genuinely, in your heart believe respectfully posting about visiting the kamloops residential school memorial is somehow "problematic" or that ignoring the person who somehow assumed his rat character was based on an obscure world war two era charicature was anything other than the correct decision, then you need to step back for a second

cubertown 4 months ago

also making a 32 year old apologize for any of this is completely pointless, even if you believe it to be necessary. the only thing that it would actually make sense to apologize for would be the elliot rodgers manifesto, and youre a fool if you think he agrees with elliot on any level

cubertown 4 months ago

im not reading or replying to any comments this gets in the interest of not perpetuating any drama of my own so if you disagree with me youll have to do it by yourself

helianthuspetal 4 months ago

yeah just about everything in that doc was an extreme stretch... and people are being so vile and for what :/

idontusethisanymore 4 months ago

I do have to admit, the doc was very poorly made and feels rushed however minors do have a reason to voice their concerns since he does encourage minors to be apart of his community and calls his comic a shojo(which is a Japanese term to describe media aimed for teen girls and sometimes little girls). A person this severely mentally ill should not be encouraging minors to be in his community...

dazexploring 4 months ago

ranfren is not "marketed" or advertised. You have to go out of your way to find the about page calling it a shojo. I am so sorry you've never heard of jokes before

sulfer-baby 4 months ago

Minors in no way are justified in harrassing, doxing, hacking, trying to drag peoples names in the mud because they got personally offended over something. I get theres concerns but they shoulda been brought up when it happened instead of 10 years later. This callout culture is useful in some ways but these kids misuse it too much over stuff that doesnt matter. Its cartoon, its fiction, just dont read it.

still here. ill add more pages soon i promise
rip michael nesmith
arandomsite 6 months ago

rest in heavenly peace

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im still around just creatively bankrupt
ethanf44 8 months ago

Did you creatively file for chapter 11 bankruptcy

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cubertown 8 months ago

even worse - chapter 12

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