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why no beer on the rug sticker?
chillbitz 3 years ago

sorry, botr is dead /s just kidding botr defs deserves a button

loa2k 3 years ago

Very good point, I'll add a button in the next update! Thank you :)

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the best episode of every tv show is the one-off comedic episode where we see the same story through each characters eyes. i think its about time that someone create a show thats entirely these episodes
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loa2k 3 years ago

It would get stale fast though, like part of the charm of these kinds of episodes is that they're a rare break from the norm.

cubertown 3 years ago

no no no, i dont think you get it: 1. its a very funny concept for an episode 2. tv shows are made up of episodes in a row 3. to make a very funny show you simply need a series of very funny episodes

wow this site design is perfect idk how you did it
neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

Thanks. We have been working day and night on getting this all together... night and day... nights... mostly nights.

the main theme of "in cold blood" is "be gay do crimes"
i think we should bring back calling people "jokers". fuck dc
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pillowforts been down, sorry for the abrupt lack of daily posts :(
what happened to some of these links? unfortunately this ones been deleted but it still deserves a place in the hall of fame
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youtuube 3 years ago

𝒯𝒽𝒢𝓃𝓀 π“Žπ‘œπ“Š, this was a good laugh. However the main preference are Tweets that can still be embedded, so users can engage with the original posts. Still searching for a way to embed deleted Tweets from Wayback Machine.

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(replying to a joke where the point is that they dont understand something) whos gonna tell them?
scarbyte 3 years ago

I am going to tell them

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