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brennholz 2 months ago

had this story sitting all unfinished and terribly written on my laptop since december, opened up a new document and rewrote it without looking back on the original doc in one go. That's where the day went. I've got an exam I've barely studied for in two days and an Essay I haven't begun working on due in a week. it feels like I can only be productive in my hobbies if I'm supposed to be working on school shit. fuck

I liked Morning Shower a lot. 'teeth stuck in meat/mouths stuck as smiles' reminds me of something similar I've written ('a smile is just another way to bare your teeth'), similar thinking perhaps. Grim physicality! Wilfred Owen liked it too, although in a different context.
brennholz 2 months ago

Thanks! Honestly, I had to look up who Wilfred Owen was. (Don't know shit!) Seems like grim physicality was the only way for him to poetically process the horrors of war. Meanwhile, I'm just complaining about my dreams... Anyway, I really like that line, 'a smile is just another way to bare your teeth'. I think it could be the official slogan for passive aggression lol

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pikemalarkey 2 months ago

Ah, I think Owen is just a UK thing (also reading him now so he's at the front of my mind). German poetry is beyond me, so I really appreciate having your bilingual & English poems.

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