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Hello! I love your furby site, it's very informative and cute :-O
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tonkuri 1 year ago

thanks so much!! i love furbies and i've worked really hard on it :D

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1 year ago
hey, I drew u that funky cat thing on your shitpost page here love yr site btw :-D
kratzen 1 year ago

god i cannot BELIEVE you’re a furry

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exosilver 1 year ago

Thank you so much! :D I love it!

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1 year ago
I love your artwork!! Especially the skater girl, her shape is so unique :-)
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gwtagacw 1 year ago

thankyou! :D

Hey, has anyone watched Gummo? What were your thoughts?
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1 year ago
bootleg64 1 year ago

Hey, there's a new top 5 faves!

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