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Can I make a request?
kratzen 7 years ago

Perhaps you should have made it. Why be humble? If you demand something, ask for it, but in a way that makes your demands be known and moreover actionable.

spriteclad 7 years ago

How about giving Hit the Motherlode a shot? It's a clicker game, but it has kobolds in it. And the art style is pretty cool. I feel it'd be up your alley.

kratzen 7 years ago

Good pick. Fresh, too. No comments is a bad sign. The artist’s homepage has images which do not load. Will try once a Linux version is released. That’s the beauty of proprietary software like Game Maker isn’t it? They cripple you until you pay them. In essence, Game Maker hates freedom and loves money. But no shame on the developer; just a bum engine choice.

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