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0ekekddddd 1 year ago

i'm posting some new art soon, but i wrote a little about ai replacing artists and my 2.5 cents on it. don't give it a read, i don't know what i'm talking about

kultra 1 year ago

I gave it a read. If the AI gets advanced enough I see potential for it to be used as a cheaper alternative for a lot of corporate art, but it will probably be looked on with the same distaste that people have gotten for the alegria/facebook blob people art. never enough to replace the need for visual artists

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cadnomori 1 year ago

It's funny you bring up photography at the end there, with every new thing that comes along there are those who are afraid it will wholeheartedly erase the need for existing tech/craftsmenship (ie. movies will destroy live theatre), and I wonder now how much of that is manufactured to have people turn to AI-generated material. An artist's input like yours is what I want to hear most, but probably covered the least.

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0ekekddddd 1 year ago

thanks fox & kultra. i can see the frustration that a lot of artists have with AI art (especially because it's the latest techbro shill) but id hate for such a cool channel to go wasted if we let corporate bodies takeover the thing

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