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I did it! I updated everything with a new layout :D Now I can focus on actual content lol
digibun 9 months ago

i love the new layout!

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moonpr1sm 9 months ago

thank you sm!! It’s definitely a little plain but I think it’s neat haha

fri11s 9 months ago

woohoo looks awesome! for the chain placement - did you want it position fixed or absolute? you can position it (fixed, like you have already) to the left of the content by changing the #chain {left: calc((100vw - 800px) / 2 - 30px)} where the 30px can be increased if you want it further out. you can do this with position absolute too so it doesn't stick to the screen but need to change a few more things

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moonpr1sm 9 months ago

ty fri11s! I’m gonna try your suggestion for fixed later today!

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