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mikegrindle 4 days ago

Today's linkblog is a long one. Maybe a bit rambly. Next week's will likely be better.

owlroost 3 days ago

Honestly, I don't think that rambly is a bad thing for a blog to be. I liked it. Fully agreed on productivity, by the way- I think it's a shame that there's such cultural focus on productivity over all else, especially when the definition of productivity seems to exclude things like the arts and social connection.

mikegrindle 3 days ago

Thanks, appreciate you saying so. Yeah, I think a lot of it stems from "hustle culture". Not to mention the endless stream of self-help gurus trying to make a quick buck.

murid 2 days ago

Being quoted by a REAL writer feels strange to me.

mikegrindle 1 day ago

Well, I thought it was an interesting piece. I do make a living writing and I do use my own name for the site. But I don't know if that makes me any more "real" than anyone else who writes on the internet.

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