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Can vouch for "dumbphones". I've been hapily using one for a year now and have no regrets, although I'm sure not all of my friends feel the same way as I'm not super reachable. Mine has a hotspot feature which was what made me switch. If I absolutely must use the internet out and about, then at least I'd like to do it on my laptop to be spared mobile formatted websites : p
mikegrindle 1 year ago

It's cool to hear from someone who uses one directly. The only thing stopping me from making the switch at the moment is that I travel quite a bit, and a smartphone can be helpful in that regard. But once my current phone finally dies, I'm planning to brave the switch.

webweekly 1 year ago

May I ask, which model are you using? My partner and I have discussed making thw switch, but still on that quest to find the perfect balance.

pastelshoal 1 year ago

Using a Lightphone, I have some reservations about recommending (bad battery life and support outside of the US), but for my purposes it get's the job done. It definitely helps that I really don't travel (I'd be hesitant about using it outside of my city, as in my country it has very limited support). I went with it because I wanted a full keyboard and the hotspot, but many phones offer the latter

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