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hi i just wanted to say ur website is super neat!!! it feels like. those gummy shark candies. /pos. if that makes sense
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christinee 5 days ago

THANK YOU that is the best compliment!!!

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finally made my own button yesterday. i definitely plan to redo it at some point. let me know if you add mine to your site so i can add yours!! i'll probably be putting up a new section on my homepage for them
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any good recommendations for a comment section i can embed into my website?
stampiezzz 6 days ago

there are a few good website for comment sections. theres one that i use but it has ads which could be annoying

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HELLOOO THIS IS SO COOL!!!! I love the floating alien dolls and the overall transparent/rainbowy/sparkly thing going on :D
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christinee 1 week ago

thank you so much!!!! i love everything about your website!!!!

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does anyone know any good places online to find backgrounds? preferably ones that tile. i'm having trouble finding ones that look good together

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