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your music page inspired me to listen to nero's day in disneyland... i may need to give it a few more listens for it to click but thanks for making my already strange taste in music even stranger... in a good way, of course :)
I like the aesthetic you have going here! I'd like to see some more of your pixel art... :)
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encounters-ltd 1 month ago

also do you have an 88x31 button? I want to link to you!

sauronis 1 month ago

encounters-ltd, Oh my! I didn't expect this, thank you, it means a lot! (: And no, sadly not, I tried to make one, but then I found maaaany flaws in my HTML and realised that I can't have it. (besides, it was 200x50 (???)). But if I ever fix the issues and make a well-shaped one, I'll let you know! :D

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encounters-ltd 1 month ago

okay then. Thanks for the follow though!

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Man, it's such a shame you last updated 2 months ago, I really love your page! Well, nonetheless I hope you're doing fine and maybe come back to it one day. :)

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