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whoaoaoaoh !! i love your site design so much !!!!!
wahh may i ask how u did the raibow link hover? i wanted to do something like that but couldn't figure out how
i wanna make a page called "my room" where i show my room and things on it but idk how i would execute it
vixie 2 months ago

Thats such a cute idea! <3 Im not a coding master otherwise Id help but go for it!!

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onlinedevil 2 months ago

I've seen people create clickable areas in pictures, maybe that would be a cool way to navigate through the room? Never did anything like that though, so I'm unsure on how to implement it...

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joyfulthought 2 months ago

@onljnedevil yeah!! thatsa good idea i think people use targets or smth like that

sorry for little to no updates I started school and its taking up most of my time T_T

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