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Summer holiday come quick challenge so that I can code and draw forever
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Working on putting more pages for my site!! I wanted to try post my art work since I haven't been putting more of my work out on my site so, here is some art!!
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I just found your website and it's so amazing omg!!
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laikalaika 2 months ago

thank you =]

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LORDDD YOUR WEBSITE IS JUST PERFECT OMG!! How long have you been coding for? Also, may I take inspo from the calendar you made? If not that's completely fine. (Btw your birthday is a day after mine teehee !!)
aioi 3 months ago

Σ(°ロ°) ANOTHER BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!! I've been coding since last year! (It's a messy timeline but I 'coded' some in my youth too!). and of course you can!! thank you for asking!!

the-mask-of-blackjack 3 months ago

YAHOO!! ^_^)/ and wow, you're so amazing at it, I wish to be as good as you someday. And thank you so much, I've just been trying to find a way to get the calendar dates to show different popups/events when you click on them. I wanted to try out something similar.

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