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its my bday today hip hip hooray! i think i'll work on the landing page 4 my shrines next since that sounds pretty simple... i'll work on it later though today im gonna relax
something-eternal 3 months ago

Happy Birthday!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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monachopsis 3 months ago

happy birthdayyy!

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new index page!!! i know right very quick especially for me (i love procrastinating for years). in heinsight i shouldve taken a year to do it i miss the roland placeholder already. but im super proud of how the index page looks now... and the button too! check it out ^_^
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omoriboy has rebranded to milktoast!
milktoast 4 months ago

should really update tht page its like the only page thats still there from the old layout i had.....

added sproutmolecolony (graphics hoard) :thumbsup:
my diary looks like ass and ive known this for ages but <_< ... i am not the frequent coder. it is fun but im always worried ill get back to coding something for my site and then realise i forgot everything or something

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