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god give me strength and patience to finish this music page..
purinland 5 months ago

you can do it !! :D

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hello everynyan i made a mockup thingy for the music page, i will use tabs and the tabcontent includes the part with the intro and song of the week as a whole. I would like some opinions and also recommendations on what i can put on the background.. something w dark cool colors maybe... anyways here it is ^_^ pls lmk what you think.. or not thats okay too
ollys-site 5 months ago

that looks awesome, idk what you could put as the background though

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is ur site name a reference to the mom song ??? i love their stuff so much oml . anyway love ur site !!! :D
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joyfulthought 5 months ago

yess correct!! thanks ^_^_^^

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LOVE UR SHRINES!!!! ur beanie baby collection is awesome
dataview 5 months ago

OMG TYTY..... i actually need to update it coz i foudn these cool stack shelfs so they r all on my shelf rn adn r much more visible and sruff... i love them sm

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